JBL Flip five review

Bluetooth audio system have by no means been more familiar in our homes or at social gatherings. Driver-bearing cylinders, oblongs and cuboids now bounce from idea, to factory traces, to our laps with Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 150 increasing regularity – and ever greater wonderful spec sheets.


So we’re amazed to discover that JBL’s Flip 5 arrives with fewer functions than its predecessor, the Flip 4. Gone is the analogue aux-in port for wired listening, for instance. That’s not a large problem – wireless is definitely the manner ahead in 2020 – however JBL has additionally axed the microphone that turned into used for voice manipulate and arms-loose calls.

That makes the Flip 5 basically just a Bluetooth (4.2) speaker – albeit one with a USB-C charging port and cable. This port enables lower the charging time to simply 2.Five hours from flat to absolutely juiced. That’s an hour faster than the Flip 4 regardless of the Flip five’s battery being a lot bigger (4800mAh as compared to 3000mAh).

Interestingly, although, the extra juice doesn’t lend any extra stamina to the brand new version – battery existence remains at a claimed 12 hours.

The Flip five is marginally larger and heavier than its elder sibling, however we hardly notice the difference. The new racetrack-fashioned motive force hiding below its jacket is 4mm wider in diameter – 44mm from 40mm – and the Flip 5 additionally functions 20W of amplification, so you additionally get a further 4W of electricity over the Flip four.

JBL claims the Flip five is waterproof to an IPX7 rating. This approach you need to be able to submerge it in water at a intensity of one metre for half-hour. There’s no cowl for the USB-C charging port and even though it’s far waterproofed, it isn’t examined against salt or sand ingress at the seaside.

We check the JBL’s solve via filling our sink with water and submerging the unit for a couple of minutes. Music plays all through and it soon dries off when we take it out. Nothing has been compromised and all is properly.

Although JBL claims you may stand the Flip five on one in every of its ends or lie it lengthways for listening, while placed upright it doesn’t stand totally vertical. For testing, we area it in landscape mode in order that both passive bass radiators are open to the elements.

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